Page under construction. Our innovative weather products are expected to be out in Q3.

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  • You will want to talk with us…
    • If you pay every year for a heavy snow season but only experience heavy snow every 5 years.
    • If you don’t sell seasonal contracts for risk of the heavy snow year and then don’t profit 4 out of 5 years. 
    • If you have to pay workers full hourly rate for 10 minutes of work because it’s too cold to keep them safe.
    • If you face construction penalties or miss completion performance bonuses and weather is the cause. 
  • We have simple local parametric products for all customer sizes and very customized programs for larger accounts.
  • Our data and systems are so refined, you won’t even need to file a claim. We can tell you when and how much we owe you under any agreement. Call if you want, but as the saying goes … “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

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