iDemand Flood

A complete flood solution, flexible enough to fit your needs

iDemand Flood is private flood insurance for homeowners that goes beyond the typical NFIP policy, allowing you to get back to things you love, knowing your home is protected.

Flexible Limits

Up to $1M property limits and up to an additional $1M for additional structures, contents, and living expenses.

Enhancement Options

Upgrade the materials that go into rebuilding your home.

Easy Process

Provide your address, get a quote. Review and bind in minutes. No flood certificate required.

Fast Claims

With our satellite imagery, we may know about your claim faster than you. Nationwide Adjusters/Restoration Network.

Configurable Limits

Flexible limits so you never pay too much

Up to $1M coverage. No co-insurance for lower Insurance-To-Value coverage.

Additional Structures

Optional coverage for structures like detached garages, fences, and gazebos.


Eligible contents are covered on any floor, including basements.

Living Expenses

Our policies offer coverage for temporary housing while construction and repairs are underway.

Crafted with the homeowner in mind

Help when it's needed most
We set out to make a flood policy that eases anxieties and financial stresses of a flooding event. While we resolve your claim and repair any damage, we've added options to help keep your life moving forward.
  • Living Expense Coverage - we offer this coverage for expenses like temporary housing while your home is under repair
  • iDemand Better - an allowance for upgrading to flood resistent flooring instead of replacing with like-kind.
More Coverage

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a government backed flood program intended to provide basic coverage for building and contents with limits that are commonly less than the total value.

iDemand Flood provides comprehensive flood coverage and limits commensurate with what you'd expect from a private homeowner's policy, including $1M building coverage and an additional $1M for the combination of other structures, contents, and additional living expenses.

Claim Certainty

We get it - the claims process can be stressful following a flood. We strive to make it as fast and easy as possible. In many cases, instead of sending out a traditional home inspector at policy inception, we can resolve claims based on data collected, such as satellite imagery. If flood damage occurs, a few photos sent to our claims team is usually enough to resolve the claim. No insurance adjuster visits. No phone tag.

Current Data and Monitoring

Until relatively recently, insurers were limited in their ability to access the true flood risk at a given location. Most pricing models were based on NFIP's flood maps generated from manual land surveys and did not distinguish between vastly different risks within the same flood zone.

Advances in technologies like lidar scanning for elevation data and satellite imagery, combine with increasingly more sophisticated learning algorithms, we're able to offer quotes using specific details of your home and property and monitor for changes over the duration of the policy.


What Makes iDemand Flood Different?

iDemand Flood works to match the typical homeowner coverage; not the typical restrictive flood policy. This includes additional structures, basements, additional living expenses, and much more.

Easy Claims

Our flood experts analyze data like satellite imagery and weather data to resolve claims, resulting in faster payments and fewer visits.

Living Expenses

Optional coverage to put you up in a nearby place while your home is under repair

It's About Coverage

Items often excluded from flood policies are either included in iDemand or can be added for your unique coverage needs.

Backed by the Best

Carriers behind our policies are A-rated by A.M. Best. Rest assured with reputations for integrity and expertise built over decades.

Upgraded Rebuild

Upgrade your replacement main level flooring and wallboard to be more water resistant.

Inflation Guard

Replacement cost resulting from a catastrophic flood can be expensive. Optionally add coverage excess of your full value.