Comprehensive coastal flood & surge insurance

Whether it’s surge, rain, or river-based flooding, we’ll have your property covered. We offer flood capacity for homes and small commercial real estate in even the highest risk flood locations.

iDemand Flood & Surge

Floods damage more homes in the US than any other natural disaster. That’s why we have a comprehensive flood policy to ensure that you’re covered.

iDemand Flood is tailored to fit your needs. You decide the coverage limit. You decide any other limits you want included. All we need is your address and you’ll have a quote in minutes.

Full Coverage

Most flood insurance policies are offered under the National Flood Insurance Program, which only covers a fraction of your home's value. As a private market solution, our products allow you to choose your building coverage limit and coverage for certain contents inside your home.

Tech Enabled

We use data gathered with lidar technology to assess the risk of flooding at your location. We have higher confidence as a result of this data, and therefore can offer a lower price. Combining this data with structural characteristics of your home, inferred from your address, we can give you a quote in seconds.


Small Commercial

South Carolina
North Carolina

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