iDemand Producers

Customization is essential to meeting the customers’ needs. We partner with top-tier agencies and wholesalers to offer a variety of small-commercial, personal, and specialty products, so you can fulfill the specialized needs of each client.

Become a Producer

Offer innovative products you can’t find anywhere else

iDemand embraces relationships with all classifications of producers in the commercial and personal lines space. We welcome independent, captive, general agents, aggregators and wholesales and appreciate the diversity of risks that each of these entities bring to the table.

We offer a competitive sliding range of commission to our producers, from 14% to 20%. Anything above 14% is a direct pass through to the insured with no effects on us, the carrier or the rate. If you can sell it, you earn it.


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Flood & Surge

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Our Products

Designed with the client in mind

We strive to build unique solutions for homeowners, small commercial, and specialty lines. 

What's the Process?

With iDemand, you’ll be set up within minutes. We’ll help with all the paperwork.


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