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Now you can save up to 35% on your wind catastrophe property insurance. Learn how our Wind, Flood, and earthquake products can protect your property or let our Weather Products put you in control of your budget. All our products provide a path to save money.

The complete catastrophe insurance solution designed for your property

Customize your insurance plan for the level of control you desire.

Want to keep your current agent?  Our innovative products are available through any qualified independent agent.

Prefer to deal direct? That option is available in most states and products.

Remember, buying too much insurance won’t change the amount paid in a claim; it just cost you more premium.

Homeowners & Small Commercial Catastrophe Specialist

iDemand - Wind

Buy Event-Based wind insurance allowing you to only pay for what you need. Save up to 50% or more.

iDemand - Flood

Flood/Surge often causes more damage than wind. We can make sure you get coverage for both perils. Inland/ River Flood is also available.

Historical Paths Tool

We built a tool to show you how our products would have performed on your property since 1970. Enter your address, city, or just drop a location pin and we can show you how much you might have saved.

Are you an agent?

We provide our product through multiple distribution channels. If you're an agent, manage iDemand Wind products as a service and save your clients money. See our agency page to learn more about adding our product to your offerings.

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Introducing iDemand Wind

We've pioneered a hurricane product designed to save you up to 35% on hurricane insurance. No more paying exorbitant premiums. See how it works.

Explore bundles

Get all of your home coverage in one place. You can bundle hurricane coverage with flood/surge, along with risk mitigation products tailored for small businesses.

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Check out our Historical Paths tool to see how each of our wind products would have performed on your property over the last 50 years or jump straight to getting a quote.



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